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Night Show #05


Hey Folks!

Here the 5th episode of KeraRadio Podcasts,

Chill mood , Latin Vibes, jazzy stuff

and other things!


Check it out !


Ariel - Something happen
Manfredo Fest - Koko and Leeroe
Grupo Los Yoyi - El Fino
The Montgomery Express - Party Fever
Los Britos - El 4-5-6
Wganda Kenya - Yoro
Ondatropica - Dos Lucecitas 
Toto la Momposina y Petrona Martinez - El Pescador
Vanoni, Vinicius De Moraes, Toquinho - Senza Paura
Andre’ Sampaio - Wababa 
Philippe Sellam+ V.A - Lekere
Fela Kuti - He Miss the Road
Jiro Inagaki - Head Rock
Menahan Street Band - Make The Road by Walking
Buckshot LeFonque - Mona Lisas ( And Mad Hatters)
The Beatles - You Know my Name ( Look up The Number )
Dr Victor Olaiya's International All-Stars - Kinringjingbin
The Ramrocks - On the Rocks

Night Show # 04


Recorded between the beautiful mountains of CapraUna ( Italy )

were i am host for the project "l' isola di CapraUnica"

you can find some info about this

Rural repopulation project from their website - -

Inspired by the peaks and the sea in background, mostly a mix of Disco/Funk & House tunes with Jazz and African grooves.


Night Show # 03

New Podcast Is Ready, # 03.

Home Recorded This Time,

Inspired From Some Jazzybeat Tracks, Disco/Funk Line and  few Reggae & African touches. 



Night Show # 02

New podcast recorded from my favorite bar in Varkala, Darjeeling Cafe’.

Fantastic vibes in this place as usual, unfortunately the shaking wood floor made few times the needle jump, sorry for that! Still a great night and a Set worth to be publish.



Night Show # 02




- Live recorded from Darjeeling Cafe’ (Varkala) 22 April 2017 

Night Show # 01

Night Show are KeraRadio new series of Music podcasts, it will be released a new every 2/3 weeks.

Real eclectic mixtapes without any limit in genres and experimentation as the spirit of me and KeraRadio project.
They will be always live recorded at different places like Cafe', Clubs, open spaces or sometimes from our HQ.


This is the first one of the new series:

# 01


Live recorded from :  

Keratheeram Rooftop ( Varkala )

9 April 2017


OFF BEAT Festival

Varkala, Kerala, India


I had such amazing time at the 4 episodes of Off Beat Festival  this year.

It is a beautiful festival area , so many artist, local Bands and Djs perform during the season and  great response from the crowd mostly in last two were it was pack.

It is the only alternative & underground Festival of Kerala we hope it will grow bigger & bigger in time!

Looking forward for the next season.


KeraRadio Night Show

IN A JAZZY MOOD - 02.01.2017

KERA RADIO NIGHT SHOW                   GROOVY SUNSET - 11.09.2016


Season is about to start down in south india, We made a preview for few close friends in our headquarter,

and it became the first podcast of the season 2016/17


Groovy Sunset, live from the Rooftop of our HQ in Varkala.



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