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Night Show #07


Found the time to register a new KeraRadio NightShow, played last week at Darjeeling Cafe 'in Varkala,

I really enjoyed this one !


Check it out !


 Tony Allen - Switch

Tony Allen - Obadiah

Alemayehu Eshete - Alteleyeshegnem Sampaio - Juice Final Adubada

Cornel Campbell - Jah Jah Me No Born Yah Creation Rebel - Independent Man

Jimmy Cliff - Roots Radical ( special version)

Eltsuhg ical Lasiti ( Mad Professor Remix )

Fela Kuti - Let’s Start

Riot Jazz - Risky

Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Good Life

A Taste of Honey - Rescue Me

Lemuria - Hunk of Heaven

The Whatnauts - Help is on the Way

Roundtree - Get on up

Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers - Back it On Up

Slip & Do it ( V Feels so Good edit ) Fernando - Natural 77

Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra - African Kings

Buckshot LeFonque - Hotter Than Hot

Spade Brigade - I am your Man

Dee Edwards - Why can’t there be love

Organ - I Get lifted

The Blue Boy - Remember me

Hurby s Machine ft. Antoinette - I Got a Attitude

アン・ルイス - Alone in the dark

Anthony Mansfield - Do it Good

Nelue - Trying to Get Over



Night Show # 06

Back with a Night Show Music Podcast after a while, i been a bit busy recently.

Recorded last Saturday at Rock N Roll Cafe' in Varkala.

From some Raggae tunes in freestyle to Latin, Afro Music, Hip Hop and Jazzy stuff. Eclectic as usual !



OFF BEAT Festival

Varkala, Kerala, India


I had such amazing time at the 4 episodes of Off Beat Festival  this year.

It is a beautiful festival area , so many artist, local Bands and Djs perform during the season and  great response from the crowd mostly in last two were it was pack.

It is the only alternative & underground Festival of Kerala we hope it will grow bigger & bigger in time!

Looking forward for the next season.


KeraRadio Night Show

IN A JAZZY MOOD - 02.01.2017

KERA RADIO NIGHT SHOW                   GROOVY SUNSET - 11.09.2016


Season is about to start down in south india, We made a preview for few close friends in our headquarter,

and it became the first podcast of the season 2016/17


Groovy Sunset, live from the Rooftop of our HQ in Varkala.



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